Any members of company bux here?

@kissos (190)
October 14, 2009 4:47am CST
Hello. I just joined this site that is online for about 6 months and it seems good but I wonder if anyone here is familiar to this site. Let me know if it is safe to invest there. For those who don't know what I talk about there is a banner in my profile. Thank you
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• Pitcairn
14 Oct 09
I am. I have been a member there for about a month now, I joined it through GPTbank, and I learned that company has been with gptbank for about 4 months now. I guess it is safe there, they have been paying on time.
@kissos (190)
• Greece
14 Oct 09
Thank you for your reply. I also joined it through GPTbank and I wonder why GPTbank suggest not investing. It looks so strange to me.
@aprilten (1966)
• Philippines
16 May 10
I'm not sure if I can say that it is a legit site. I used to think it is, though, but because of what is happening now I am having doubts about it. Right now whenever I try to go to the site all I get is a blank page. Tried in three computers and a blank page is all I get. How about you are experiencing this?