An incident, about a fellow i met he was gayy

October 14, 2009 8:20am CST
Few days back i was going to watch a movie i was alone my friends had already reached the multiplex, they were waiting for me on the way a man was walking on footpath, he had a lot of bags with him, he asked me drop him near the next signal i halted and he sat behind me, he started asking bout my hobbies and interest, my college, my school my native place,then suddenly he offered me to come to his house, i was shocked y does a stranger call u to his house, amin i was confused then asks me do u like chocolates i said yes, then would u like some beer or whisky i said no y the hell should he ask that, he said we would enjoy at his place he started sounding weird he told not to drop him there and instead come along to his house i was shocked when he held my back and then held my pen, amin i just wanted to jump off my bike, i realised he was gay then he started behaving as if i was his girlfriend, he started asking silly questions , y u wont come, pls come we would have a lot of fun, and all of a sudden he got crazy i stopped by bike on the spot and said him thank u, i saw my friends standing there and i said him he ran as if he had done some big crime, he ran jumped over the drainage and ran in jungle, i was simply laughing with my friends when i told them, it was my first gay encounter, i was damn shocked with that incident have u too ever faced some situation like this when, and if so what did u do?
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@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
14 Oct 09
well may be he was just trying to be over friendly with you, and finding a good friend in you. but the ending was weird, how could a person run in the jungle speedly?
• India
15 Oct 09
hehehhe i still laugh at the situation
@SACHIN2708 (1638)
• India
21 Nov 09
ok well I have faced this type of situation ,I was going to out of city by train and in early morning I woke up and I found that one person sat on my seat near my foot so I just saw him but I could not say to him that plz dont sit here means I could not be rude after some time he was talking to me like from where are you and all basic converstion but in middle he was touching my c*ock and I did not understand that what he was doing after that I realized that he is touching it so I just changed my position and I stoped talking with him and after 10 mins he went somewhere so I felt relaxed