Annoying facebook applicaitons

United States
October 14, 2009 9:21am CST
My friends keep playing really silly games i get their updates everyday on my page. There are way too many of them. Why should i be interested in what games they play or their quiz results. Have you got irritated by them?
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• Indonesia
16 Oct 09
Yes, i really are irritated by them. But there is actually nothing i can do but just let them be. If i yell at them, they will be mad and we will have problem. So the best thing to do is create a group of friend list and make sure your annoying friend is not put in a group you view the most.
@jenlex79 (257)
• United States
14 Oct 09
I know what you mean, I hate getting those invites. I think its a waste of time. Isn't facebook a place where you can find and chat with friends? Then why do they need to play so many games and take all those quizes. I tell my friends that I'm not interested in those games but they still send me invites to play them, it's very anoying.
@much2say (43645)
• United States
14 Oct 09
Ha ha! Yah, they post their game updates and such on the Facebook news page - sometimes a waste of space, eh? If I take any of those silly quizzes, I rarely post the results up (part of me doesn't want anyone to know that I actually took a dumb quiz - ha ha). But really I don't want my Facebook wall to be plastered with that stuff . . . I just want to see the comments made by friends and family. If my friends want to take the time to do those quizzes, that's fine with me . . . but I hate it when the request that I take them too!! Good thing there is the "ignore" button - ha ha!
@jugsjugs (13038)
14 Oct 09
I also get sent loads of those and i find them very annoying as that is the kind of thing i do not like todo.I go on facebook to have a chat with my friends as well as have a laugh.I also find out who is coming out of a weekend that is all i go on there for.