My fiance is my boss am I crazy?

United States
October 14, 2009 12:57pm CST
Hi ya'll, I had a friend tell me that I am crazy for still working with my boyfriend. I am his secretary and its been pretty rough not to take work home. He is a great guy but he is a completely different person when we are at work. Anyway, my best friend thinks that I am crazy for continuing to work with him. She says I should go back to waitressing or find other employment. What do ya'll think?
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• Indonesia
1 Jan 10
I think that's okay, even he is different when u r at work. As long as u r capable of being his secretary, that's fine. Moreover, both of u can do best. -Good Luck-
@verena (56)
• Indonesia
12 Nov 09
I think it's just okay to have a relationship with boss. it must be support the work. but my company don't allow two married people work in the company. so after marriage, one of them have to find another employment.
@bounce58 (17450)
• Canada
14 Oct 09
I'd say it is a good thing that he is a different person at work. This way, you still have something to talk about when your away from work. If he's the same, then you might end up just staring at each other at home. Simple things like asking about 'how was work today?' keep things interesting at home. But it is a good idea to look for something different. What do they say..'absence makes the heart go (wander, sic) fonder'?
@smileonstar (4012)
• United States
14 Oct 09
Hello, I dont think it wrong to work with your boyfriend, as he is the boss. he just does his job at work... and it is not to let someone else think he takes side. why you have to think about someone else saying as long as you two are good together... no problem then good to go