Life Is What We Make It

@KrauseHome (36682)
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October 15, 2009 12:35am CST
When you look back at your life I am sure you will see many times where you wonder what were you thinking, and why did you do something like that. You might even be Glad you are not that people you once were, and maybe got more to show for your life now as well. For me, life has not always been easy. I came from an abusive disassociative childhood and it caused great discontent in my life for many yrs. to come. It even caused a lot of heartache and seperation from each other as well. I've been homeless, jobless, had major Health problems, and seen a lot of things in life I think should be left behind for sure. But one of the Greatest things to come from all of this besides my Loving wonderful husband is my personal relationship with Jesus. Even when I feel like giving up I know he is there to pick me up again and get me back on my way. I know even when I am feeling at my worst it is always better than where he's brought me from for sure. So are you Glad where your life is going? Do you have some things you know you would not have without your Trust in Jesus, or whatever your faith and power is? When looking back are there moments you wondered when things would ever improve for you as well? From personal experience even in these trying times of life as they are for a lot of us now if we continue to think positive, and move forward always looking for the Best one day we will look back and know it was worth it all. Wishing you all the Best. ~~TINA~~
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2 May 11
I must admit I did have greater plans and well life has not bee too fair with me, however, I must say that regardless of the direction I have been blessed. As although not so great I would not change the fact that I have two wonderful kids that I do, so changing anything means either never having them or perhaps be unlucky and not have had the respectful kids that I do. So although not one hundred percent content, I must say I am satisfied and still looking forward to more blessings.
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@williamjisir (22884)
• China
8 Nov 09
Hello Tina. You are right that life is what we make it. So long as we strive for the life we wish to live with our efforts, it will come to us. We can change our fate so long as we are full of hope and determination. Looking back all those years, I have found that my life has got a lot of changes as well. Each move we make in our life will make a difference either big or small. Tina, I am so glad that you have found your life much more meaningful to you with all those wonderful things and people around you. All the best to you, my dear friend.
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@LadyMarissa (12160)
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17 Oct 09