To protect a burned disc from being copied!

November 14, 2006 7:15am CST
Hi, How can I protect burned OR written CD from being copied to hard drive or to duplicate to other CD? I got the following information on Google in most of the sites - """Nero is not able to prevent the duplication of any Data, Audio or Video CD. However, there is third-party software available that can do this (e.g. XCP Copy Protection, LazerLock or SecuROM).""" Please Let me know!... Thank you. With Warm Regards, Amit ~
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• United States
17 Nov 06
Can you just copy the files and protect all the files as 'READ ONLY' We used to be able to do that with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Words documents. Just a thought, I never had to do this so I dont really know. I will try to search and find out for you. :) Jeri
• India
17 Nov 06
Whoooopppiiieeeee!... I have so many responses!.. WOW!.. Thank you Jeri for your reply :) What you said MAKES GREAT SENSE :) Will try to do it and let you know. The file is basically a video song file :) Gave you + :)