Were you able to express your views before?

October 15, 2009 5:54am CST
I have seen one thing after I started discussing in mylot that my way of expressing things has really improve. At first if someone said me to write something on a given topic, it would have been tough to express my real feelings. But after taking an active part in mylot, I am able to express my views on any object. This change was hard to measure but I find it when I started responding in discussions. At first I have to think hard before responding to a discussion but now I am able to do it easily. Have you felt any difference? Can we say it as an another advantage of mylot? I am really happy to see so many positive changes in me after taking active part in mylot discussions. :)
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• Philippines
15 Oct 09
hello plkitgenius, before...when i started here last year, i had no idea what am doing but i quickly got the idea of earning through the post. my first focus there was to reach almost a hundred post a day so that i can reached five hundred which took me until one in the morning. took me like a week before i could reached five hundred post and there was a one time i almost made it to two dollars.
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@rosekiss (30389)
• Eugene, Oregon
19 Oct 09
I have rfeally enjoyed expressing my views in here. I don't start that many discussions, so being able to post respoonses and sharing has really helped me and it has helped others as well. If it weren't for mylot, I would have never heard about the other sites out there where I can earn some money. It isn't a lot but it better than not getting anything. Mylot has been a good outlet to be able to share, makr friends and get paid all at the same time. I have never regretted my decision at all to join mylot. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.