I am back "astride" again. No saddle though.

Me doing the "Captain Hook" - This trick is called the Captain Hook with both legs wrapped on one side of the pole it would be a double hook spin. It is also known as the "Diva" spin.
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October 15, 2009 3:39pm CST
Hi there if you haven't seen any of my discussions or my avatar before you may be confused by the title of this discussion. My main hobby is pole dancing for fitness. Being astride your pole simply means that you are "sitting" on the pole with one leg on either side of the pole holding it with your thighs. That explained, a couple of weeks ago I cut my right (dominant) hand almost down to the bone washing a glass. I should have gotten stitches, but I couldn't afford it. In retrospect I should have just let my bf throw a couople of sutures in it with one of his suture kits because it keeps popping open, though thankfully not as deep. It is more annoying than painful at this point. The worst was not that my job is typing for four hours a day, the worst was that I couldn't work out and practice on my pole. Couple that with the fact that the weather just finally turned and it is no longer 110 in the shade during the day it almost felt like my pole, my hand, my weather, and my inability to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and my outdoor pole were mocking me. I have been yearning to go on outside and take a spin or two. Unfortunately pole dancing is not a sport that you can participate in one handed, and as my right is my dominant hand I tend to put a lot more torque and power into my right handed moves. I force myself to remain ambidexterous with my pole tricks. As soon as I learn a trick reasonably well with my right hand I immediately start training the left to do it to so that I even out the musculature and the wear and tear on the body. This allows me to throw each trick to either side and opens up numerous trick and spin combinations. I bellydance for fitness too, to tone and strengthen my abs, but while my hand was healing, raising my heartrate for the first few days made the hand throb and ooze blood around the closures and bandaids. After the first few days when I had sealed it with super glue, it still throbbed and oozed when I would accelerate my heart rate. Causeing me to take a second and third turn around the idea of stitches. Finally one week in, it just suddenly healed up and closed overnight. (THANK YOU NEOSPORIN!). I gave it two more days to do it's thing, and suddenly day 9 I just COULD NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!I not only put myself through my paces, I also taught myself 10 new tricks and variations in the last 2 days. Though the hand opened up a little bit the first day. Yesterday any tearing felt internal and minimal. It is finally healed to pink early scar tissue along all but the deepest part. It is exected to be between 66 and 92 degrees today, the sun is bright and warm, I have most of the week off from work because my boss is out of town, and my pole calls. The importance of the daytime temp is that while through summer it was better and easier to work out at night, I have my own you tube channel full of progress videos, and cameras prefer light. You can check out my progress from the first day back. In fact in the video I think my hand is still taped and wrapped! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hck6wvFMc2Y Yup I watched the video the hand still has the last of the tape and bandages on it. The youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/synnisin I love this sport! Hope you enjoy the vid as much as I enjoy doing them.
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