what shall we students do ?

October 16, 2009 12:19am CST
As a student,what is the most important thing for us to do ?Just studying?I do not think so.that is right that as a student you must study,but there are more important things we should learn also,as those is very important to us.For example,if a man study very well,and his grade is very high in the school,but he is very rude in life.So do you like man just like him?I think the answer is do not. so we students must learn how to be a good person firstly.
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• China
18 Oct 09
Undoubtly,everyone should be a student first.Go to school to be a student is a good choose.School,where you can find many other people in the same age.You can make friends with them and learn from each other.there also many good teachers who have a wealth of knowledge.You can learn much knowledge from books and teachers,so you can get a big progress.In this way,you can enjoy you life better!
@jwpseno (60)
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
I am currently employed but I am still finishing my college. I worked as a casual teller at our Treasurer's Office on my 2nd year in college to about the last term of my 3rd year. Before the start of my 4th year I was hired at our Office for IT and started to develop software applications for the school. Being a student and an employee at the same time, I became responsible, had more understanding on how hard it is to support my daily needs. Actually it is because of how my parents brought me up. They thought us to be independent and made us make our own decisions. They did not pampered us with all the material things we want, mostly because they cannot afford it and of course it won't be good for us, and because of this, I had the urge to find ways to earn money to buy the things I want. I think the most important thing for us students to do is to find answers on what we want to know after all we study to "learn".
• Canada
16 Oct 09
It really depends on what you want from your education. I have always thought that my qualify of life comes way before my studies. So I tend to play way more than I study, but I'm getting by with my studies, so I guess my way works for me. I also think that someone's intelligence is natural, no matter how much we study if someone is intelligent he/she will shine at the end. Going to school is just a way for us to discover our talents and allows us an avenue to further develop those talents.
@eileenleyva (22870)
• Philippines
16 Oct 09
Education is a right. Getting a college education, sadly had become a privilege of a few. If one is blessed to get, an education, he must do his very best to obtain everything that formal school can offer. And that includes first and foremost, studying. Now, a person's character is formed by his upbringing, his family, his education, his friends, surroundings, society, etecetera. If one chooses to be bad, we cannot put the blame on education alone. But as a student, one must study with all his heart.
@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
16 Oct 09
Life is multi-faceted and studying is just one area. There are many more areas that need attention. We have family responsibilities, we have social responsibilities and we also have responsibilities to ourselves. It is not wise to devote our effort in just one facet and neglect the others. We should be wholistic and focus our attention to the whole person. enjoy!