do you like to drive to work or walk to work?

October 16, 2009 1:00am CST
hi ,mylotters, let's talk about this topic,I usually walk to work ,thus I can train my body and save money ,the main reason is that company is not far from my home ,so I have time to walk to my company ,how about you,my lotters?
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• China
17 Oct 09
Hi,my friend,I usually walk to work,the company is not far from my house.
@taztheone (1721)
• India
16 Oct 09
I would prefer a drive because the work place is far from my home. Hence I cannot take such a long exercise in the morning. Hapy Lotting
@dragon54u (31608)
• United States
16 Oct 09
I don't have a job, alas, and if I did I would drive. It's painful for me to walk more than a few minutes without sitting down due to my spinal curvature and arthritis. When I was young I used to bike the 1.5 miles to work and back and I was in great shape! It was mostly uphill there and downhill on the way home. I wish I could ride a bike again! It would be good for people to walk places if they are physically able--if something is less than a 3 mile round trip it would do them a world of good to walk and they'd see much more!
@janebeth (2032)
• Philippines
16 Oct 09
that's good to know that your house is just near to your office, and that's the reason why you can just walk on their.. but we whom very far to our office we really need to have a ride, because if we do walk their surely we will be very wet because of those early exercise we have been through,
• China
16 Oct 09
The apartment where I live is so near from my company,so it only takes me five minutes to go there on foot.But even so I still arrive my company at the right time.In general,ten minutes earlier.I am so lazy!