Ever thought of quitting your job, but you can't?

@sexyposh (575)
October 16, 2009 1:13am CST
I'm an architect whose working in a Developing Firm. I was supposed to design buildings, right? But I was assigned to rendering department where I render floor plans and site development plans. It was fun, at first. But doing the same thing over and over for two years, burns me out.Now, I'm on the verge of quitting. What makes me clinging on to my job is that I'm saving money for my contribution to our wedding (and life after that...). Also, our country is facing some difficulties and looking for new job might be risky. Working abroad could be a good option but I have so little time for my wedding will be early next year.. Well, just glad to let it all out. Anyway, on your part ever thought of quitting your job but can't? Really excited to hear your thoughts.. Happy MyLotting!!!:)
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• Philippines
27 Oct 09
Ever thought of quitting your job, but you can't? Actually I just did, last September 30, 2009 I resigned from my work. Now I enjoy working at home as a full time web developer freelancer. What makes me do it? Life = Risk http://www.mongobread.com/life-is-risk-by-maynor-gonzalez/ Now I get to be with my family, enjoy working No more travel, I get to jog in the morning now and do excercise Have more time I'm married with two kids now, and I did resign just before my wife gave birth It's very risky during that time as my savings wear down as my wife have to go c-section http://www.mongobread.com/evangeline-b-rubio-is-born-yesterday-october-2-2009/ But on the other hand, we survive and reaping the rewards of taking the risk. :) The words of Maynor is really inspiring. If you never fail, you never lived. Plus, jobs should be fun and never boring :) If you are not happy with were are you now, try to find why other people want your job, what amazes them. Best regards!
@rosapai (254)
• Philippines
18 Oct 09
We are almost in the same predicament, I am not getting married though. I am clerk in a public school. I liked it at first. I enjoy the job. But what makes me burn out is that after 5 years in it, I now feel like most of the work has be done by me... and that is okay but I am really neck deep in my filing... 3 years delayed and that is setting me in panic. I don't have anybody to help me, that makes me feel like crying. Anyway, I can't change job.... what option do I have? I can't barely make ends meet. What other job is available? This has a good regular pay, its near my place and I can be with my mum. I don't want to be far from my mother, she is now 72 years old and I would to enjoy every moment we can as long as she is healthy. I am planning on saving up though, then going into a small business and that is when I can quit my job. It would be nice to have an extra income here from the net but I haven't found a lucrative one yet. *pshew* that's a lump off my chest.... Thank you and happy mylotting to you too.