rocks from the moon - the biggest lie in human history

the biggest lie in human history  - rocks from the moon - the biggest lie
@advokatku (4036)
October 16, 2009 2:21am CST
Maybe this is the biggest lie in human history now and this also reinforces the theory that the dubious conspiracy Apollo missions to the moon did not exist until the month as recorded in human history. During this time many peculiarities, from peculiarities revealed by these conspiracy theories like the American flag flying in empty space, astronauts and other images. Dutch National Museum that holds a stone gift from astronaut Amrmstrong Neil and Edwin Aldrin after making a claim that investivigasi stone in the claims came from the moon are just a pile of wood that were hard or stony. Dutch National Museum received this stone after the death of Dutch Prime Minister Willem Dreesman in 1988. Such delivery is actually a personal souvenir of the Prime Minister handed over by the United States ambassador in the Netherlands J. William Middendorf at that accompanied the Apollo 11 astronauts brought rocks from the moon. It never occurred previous to doubt the authenticity of the stone because the stone had been given directly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States. A geology expert Frank Beunk from Amsterdam's Free University assess the stone does look beautiful but very doubtful if the claims that it obtained from the moon. Well, how can the United States lied all this even in the history of the world, like the history of the current can be many made after previously adjusted to the interests of existing authorities at the time.
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@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
16 Oct 09
Personally, I will be very careful in using the word "lie". After reading many publications about the conspiracy theory I must confess that several questions were raised in my mind, but I can not judge everything as lies merely basing my judgement on the statements of the critics. It will take a considerable scientific research on the object by me personally and until I come up with objective truths that are scientifically verifiable that will erase all the doubts, then I can pronounce a reasonable and valid judgment. Until then I am satisfied with the questions in my mind. As a layman, I am not in the position to call them lies. Eventually, in the future many more explorations will be made either by the US or any other countries. By that time there will be more evidences to compare with. have fun!