How do I solve Sudoku puzzles easily?

@suprad1 (251)
October 16, 2009 6:45am CST
Even though I get attracted to Sudoku puzzles, I get stuck solving them. Can you guys help me with a few tips in solving the most complicated Sudoku puzzles. I am crazy of them, but wanna conquer.
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@Sandra1952 (6051)
• Spain
16 Oct 09
Fill in the answers with a pencil and have an eraser ready for any mistakes. Start on easy puzzles and don't get tempted to progress to another level until you have solved several easy puzzles. Sudoku is all about logic, and if you look carefully at the grid, it often becomes evident where the number needs to go. You need to look at the whole grid, even as you work on each section. It's difficult to tell you how to do this, but the more sudokus you complete, the easier you will find them.
@suprad1 (251)
• India
16 Oct 09
Thank you Sandra, for the useful tips. I am sure, practise makes us perfect and one solve it much ease after solving regularly a few grids.
@coldmoon (1091)
• France
16 Oct 09
The tactic is not at your brain but at your eyes. Take the first look at the rows, the columns or the squared apprearing many numbers, then consider the blank blocks. As usual, there must exist a key block where you have only one number possibility to choose. Well, then go on.
@MAllen400 (830)
16 Oct 09
Yes if you have say three boxes of 9 across ways i.e. 1 1 1 then look in the first box and if say a 3 is in the top row then you know it wont be in that row in the next two boxes. Instead of completing one box of 9 at a time go through them doing all the numbers in turn instead and this will make it easier. Try it