My Lot Deleted My Money!

United States
October 16, 2009 7:44pm CST
As of yesterday, I had $ .68 in my account. I checked my account today, and I have $ .43! WTF?! I think MyLot is taking back money on the discussions that people have posted their links on. If it's not from this, then I don't know what! This is complete crap. If they don't want people posting their links, then ban it! Don't take away money from people's account!!! This is crooked, wrong, and because of this, my opinion of My Lot is continuously decreasing.
3 responses
@flavyx (22)
• Romania
13 Jan 10
You should "recheck" your cash or F.A.Q.Probably something went wrong with the account settings.Try to contact the mods/admins to clarify the problem.
@Rite17 (773)
• United Kingdom
17 Oct 09
i have had it happen 2wice when i sstarted on here but soon realiased what was going wrong... and now feel more at ease with it all... And now have a few discussions on here and carry on posting on others.. And still money goes up...... Have you tried to gain inspiration from latest news or local things going on in your community? That will be more unique to MyLot and can get a bit of a discussion going... I have found that it can help. Don't give up... carry on discussing and get inspired to get on MyLot!!! x
@taztheone (1725)
• India
17 Oct 09
What happened here is that, one or two of your discussions which you started got deleted. So when the discussion got deleted, all the money you gained from that was also lost. The reason is that it might have violated the guidelines. So always read the guide lines 5 times before you do anything here, so that you can have good quality discussions & also none of your discussions will get deleted. Happy Lotting