Anyone boycotting One Tree Hill

@CDonohue (379)
United States
October 16, 2009 10:18pm CST
Has anyone boycotted watching one tree hill since Lucas and Peyton are now off the show. I realized several of my friends and my sister have done so. I am disapointed they are off the show but still watch.
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17 Oct 09
No I haven't yet boycotted watching the show and probably never will. To be honest I haven't even really missed Lucas or Peyton, I liked them on the show but I think they have filled that grab pretty nicely to where it isn't that hard to miss them. I like the roles that Nathan and Haley have been pushed into and who doesn't like the scandal and suspense of if he really messed around with this other woman? I am not even sure which way I am leaning I want to believe no but there is also a part of me that thinks that would be interesting.
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12 Feb 10
I'm with you. I think the show has actually been better without them. I think they're characters were a little over dramatic. I'm actually enjoying Quinn's character more as she gets more involved. And the Taylor drama was pretty interesting. I actually miss Sam (the foster girl) more than I miss Lucas or Peyton.
@danitykane (3191)
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
I'm a fan of One Three Hill as well. I just love Lucas Scott and Peyton from day one. I was moved by their previously ended season. I have followed their ups and downs. They make the show popular and for me they were like the ones being watched by tele-viewers a part from the other cast. I happen to know that their gonna leave the show two months ago from E News Live. I was so shocked...I just said...why?.. why? are they running out of stories about the both of is so weird.. Although I like Miya(the singer and up coming new tv star) because she is very talented. But still I want the "two"... come on..One three hill is about Lucas and Peyton. Period. lol but theres nothing we can do about it, I think. Unless they realize changes on their tv ratings.
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17 Nov 09
Uh yeah its like all the sudden they were gone and I dont know what happened to them they were my favorites on the show.I am upset that they are gone but I will continue to watch the show:)