is joke always make you fun?

@icecubic (1848)
October 17, 2009 12:19pm CST
For some sensitive people a jokes can make them boring or maybe angry. what about you friends?
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@Lucky09 (1771)
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
hi icecubic^^;;; if you are talking about humors here in mylot, as much as possible i won't get offended to any jokes since members here are all over the world and we have different approaches on giving jokes and understanding the meaning. In real life here, if some jokes at me, i would try to joke back as long as it is not beyond the belt. if i felt bored, i would still pretend to smile and comment on what that person said. if it's a rude one, then i would ask why he/she said it... anyway, i won't show any negative expression as i would look like to be the loser even if i am boling inside
@mohan89 (242)
• India
17 Oct 09
Im a sportive kind of person . If jokes are not on me definitely i enjoy. But when some one jokes about me i'll be getting anger for some time and later I also join the gang to share jokes on other guyz. i think If some body is commenting or complementing you dat means you are being watched by people and you attract people