What You gonna do to avoid Climate Change?

October 18, 2009 7:35am CST
This is an inevitable phenomenon to happen the entire humanity. It seems the worst is yet to come because of climate change. What you gonna do to at least contribute as an individual to prevent or reduce the threat of climate change. For a start, I am going to frequently use my bicycle instead of my car. How about you?
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• Philippines
18 Oct 09
hello Econ, to be honest, i am not really sure. although the best thing to do as an ordinary citizen is to recycle and separate from the biodegradable from non-biodegradable stuff. i hope one day we could use an energy source that doesn't need fuel that cause the Green House effect on the skies. but still, people are drilling and it's not good if we keep pollution, we see changes before us, i hope we step us some day.
@seanbryan (351)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Oct 09
hi econknowmix, Our country has been stricken by lots of typhoons this year and the worst was Ondoy and Peping. Experts says catastrophe like this was brought about by climate change. I guess for a start, we have to avoid throwing out garbages to rivers or sees or to any bodies of water at least to lessen the overflow of waters to most of the residential areas. Good Day!
@LordOzz (204)
• Philippines
18 Oct 09
For me.Recycle. Use recyclable things. actually we can't do anything to stop or avoid climate change. atleast to slow it up. but for me i should say that we must now learn to adopt in to it.