check or paypal?

October 18, 2009 2:57pm CST
Hi all. I would like us to hear more from you guys, those who say they have used and recommend Paypal as the most safe and secure mehtod of payment. What about payment by check? does it have any disadvantage?
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@kavis487 (260)
• India
5 Nov 09
If you prefer check payment that takes too much time for arriving your place,and you should put the check for clearing in your bank this process takes 5 to 7 days to complete.You should wait almost 1 month for receiving money in your hands.
@shhheila (1846)
• Philippines
21 Oct 09
i like paypal, i can do online shopping.. heheh.
@cher913 (25862)
• Canada
18 Oct 09
i have bought and sold things off of ebay and have used paypal with no issues. i dont let money build up too much in there and send the money to our credit union account. we do know someone however, who has had all his money stolen out of paypal (he is an antique dealer and someone hacked into his account.)
@Seppy1984 (2145)
• United States
18 Oct 09
Hello, I would have to say that I like Pay-pal the best. But I will say that both payment methods are a must. I have to say that the disadvantages of Check is that it takes so long to get the payment and then it is the getting it to the bank if you do not have a car and then if you can't get it to a bank it is the fee of cashing the check at a store. With the check it is good if you have a problem and gotta go to court then you have proof. Now with Pay-Pal, the pros about it is that payment is almost automatically. But the con is trying to print the proof if something went wrong if you do not have a printer. But I have to say that anything could go wrong with any kind of payment method. But in my opinion though both methods are needed now days. Happy Mylotting
@erikmama (12929)
• United States
18 Oct 09
i still prefer the old fashioned check, though there are many disadvantages of them. I like pay pal as I can allow my funds to build up and it is much quicker than a check. I also like that you can use pay pal to pay for things.