Lucid Dreaming

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October 18, 2009 8:55pm CST
I am trying to learn how to make myself lucid dream. I have started a dream journal and everything. (I just have to actually keep it up to date and stop skipping days) What are your experiences with lucid dreaming?? What are your thoughts on lucid dreaming? Do you think you can train yourself to lucid dream?
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@afarrell1 (259)
• United States
22 Oct 09
you can train yourself to do it, it is the first step in astral projection. While I am a christian now, I was a practicing Wiccan for about five years, so I will tell you how. Beware though, you open yourself spiritually to some nasty stuff walking between. You have to establish a 'dream house' this is a point of origin for all of your dreams. It can look pretty much how every you want. Mine is really Ozzy and Harriet, but when the dream walking starts going south it turns into the main hall of the titanic while it's sinking (?)that's when I know it's time to wake up. So, you lay down on your bed, clear your mind. imagine yourself outside of your dream house, maybe in the yard or on porch. Go in the front door when you are ready. You should be feeling really sleepy at this point. I don't know what your dream house looks like at this point, but imagine every door in your house is a new dream possibility. You are picking the door you walk through so you are controlling the dream inside and can direct it's path. At all times you should keep yourself tethered to your waking self. When you are in your house you want to see your self tie a string or something onto yourself and a fixed object in the house that will bring you back to the front door. This way you can always find a way out of your dream no mater how far you go.
@jb78000 (15163)
19 Oct 09
i have lucid dreaming a lot but i don't really know if you can train yourself to do it. just seems to happen, and i really don't mind one way or the other. i do find it happens oddly enough more when you are very tired . you could try that (don't recommend it - not much point in getting very tired if you don't have to). something else occurs is perhaps when you just wake up and are still fresh from a dream instead of writing it down perhaps kind of stay in the dream by daydreaming how it would continue - i have absolutely no idea whether this would work. probably doing a lot of meditation would help too. i do this which is possibly why i lucid dream so often.