what the most important reason why you choose the facebook?

@mylv82 (16)
October 19, 2009 2:17am CST
almost everyday people registered at facebook, why the facebook is your choice?
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@carmelbg (521)
19 Oct 09
I have been on Facebook for about a year and a half now and I love it. It has great games and is an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family. I have also regained contact with people I had lost touch with from school or old places of work and its great to catch up with old friends. I have now moved to another country and use it even more to post photos of what I have been upto and chat online with friends.
19 Oct 09
I have found that Facebook not just great for keeping in touch with friends but for also making new friends online, I have quite a few facebook friends who I know from a few websites I have been a member of for around the same time as I have at Facebook.
@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
19 Oct 09
Its the fame that it has got and thus hearing or to know what it is , people want to discover and thus they register there. I registered there to find my friends, old lost friends of school and I succeeded their too.
@kaka135 (14118)
• Malaysia
19 Oct 09
I've been joining some social networking websites such as friendster, multiply, etc but I am not active in those sites, until I found Facebook then I started to be active in the social networking site. One main reason I like about Facebook is that you choose the people who can view your profile and other information. Unlike in Friendster, your friend's friend's friends can actually view your information, without your confirmation. It can be quite insecure. In Facebook, we can choose to allow certain people to become our friends and view our information.
• Indonesia
19 Oct 09
Well it is simply because most of my friend is having a facebook account. So it will be easy for me to communicate with them. The same thing is apply when the first time i join my first social networking site, friendster. But after facebook show up, most of my friend use facebook, so i must use facebook. Or else i cannot communicate with them
• Philippines
19 Oct 09
i chose facebook over other social networking sites for three reasons: first, you can easily chat with your friends who are online. No need for you to open ym, aol or other instant messenger sites because it's part of the facebook package; second reason is, facebook has various applications you can choose from. it's all yours to choose; and last but not the least, you can update your status every now and then.
19 Oct 09
I have been on the site for two years now and In my opinion Facebook combines the best bits of Myspace and Twitter, I joined the site to find people who I went to school with and It has become so much more for me now. Facebook is getting better while other sites are standing still or getting worse.