There are much barriers for us to step into wedding ceremory!

October 19, 2009 5:18am CST
I have fallen in love with my girlfriends for nearly 5 years.She has been my wife in my heart,although we don't register for marriage.I care her everything and expect to look after her for my lifetime.But there are so much barriers between us.Her parents want her to find a boyfriend with an affluent family,so she don't worry about the material life in future. They never thought about her feeling and mind.Sometimes,I think such thing happened in 21 centery is so ridiculous,because for the most of people have the right to choose one's half sky ----lover.But such tradition concept has deepen in most chinese faimly,which one's boyfriend or girlfried should be accepted by his or her family member. So,what do you think about it?
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20 Oct 09
That is in China...well,there are so much things we must compromise.
@priya_ot (72)
19 Oct 09
i think having a good companion for life be my first priority than money. financial security is necessary but that can't be the only criteria to select your life partner . i think your GF and you should discuss how you can have a good life as her parents are wishing. and then talk to her parents as to how you both plan to have a happy life together .try and convince for i am sure even they would want to see her happy and well settled rather marrying her off to a rich guy but no feelings and concern
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19 Oct 09
as a girl,i have to say,material basic is necessary for the marriage,absolutely,as the girls' parents ,they often consider more problems,especially on economy.if you really love your GF,try to let their parents accept u,maybe there's another good way to slove this problem!