High heels,: What's your limit?

@LiveLove (445)
United States
October 19, 2009 10:03am CST
For me, two inches and I can practically run in them with no problem. I made the biggest mistake of my life by buying three inch heels and being foolish enough to wear them for the entire day. I was late for my classes because I was afraid of slipping and falling so I walked slowly. I left all my two inch heels in Chicago so I just had to get some quick cheap ones and only the three inches were available in my shoe size. My cousins are pros and can where any size heels, all day long and moves briskly in them. I just can't say that I will ever wear shoes that I can't handle ever again and I still have battle wounds to heel. Do you have a limit on heel inch size?
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@MJAL08 (275)
29 Oct 09
my limit would probably be 2.5 inches.
@gicolet (1703)
• United States
27 Oct 09
I could walk comfortably with 2 1/2 inches. That's my limit for low-heeled shoes. For high heels I can go as high as 4 inches provided that they are platform style. If they are not I might as well just wear my flip flops. I will never wear 3-4 inch shoes if they are pure evil stilettos. To wear them for the sake of looks is just not logical to me. Platform shoes have that trick...you feel tall and yet you can walk around without pain. I suggest you try them if you want to go higher than 2 inches :)
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
2 inch heels are very comfortable for me.if I'd like to wear 3 or 4 inch heels,I can't walk in them.I just carry them over to the office and change into heels when I get to there.I have lots of flats so I can walk comfortable going to the office and on my way home.
@xannebull (1800)
• Philippines
20 Oct 09
i prefer wearing shoes without heels so i can be comfortable walking anywhere i go, if it needed to wear shoes with heels especially in a formal occasions then two inches heels is just fine for me.
@amyson (3509)
• Philippines
19 Oct 09
i can carry 2 inches as well as 3 inches high heel shoes i always were this at office.above from 3 inches i dont know if i can carry still.i am afraid to fall.
@laydee (12811)
• Philippines
19 Oct 09
Same here, my max would be two inches, anything beyond that then I would feel the effects after a long day. It's not really an easy way to walk either, plus there will always be the worry of falling down or slipping. I would even prefer to wear flats most days than wearing heels. I could attest to the fact that I sprained my ankle today because of the heels.
@jessi0887 (2794)
• United States
19 Oct 09
I can't go over two inches either. Also if the heel is real thin I can't walk in them. Balance is everything when it comes to heels.