How do you earn on ciao reviews????HELP!!!

@vikkiz (519)
October 19, 2009 2:31pm CST
I joined ciao and have started doing reveiews since yesterday they have been rated and veiwed hundreds of times but my earnings still say 0.00???? How do you earn or does it take a while for your earnings to appear? i am very confused and need a bit help!
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@love_all (308)
• India
19 Oct 09
don't worry .. it takes time for money to credit in ciao but it pays.. i have received payment from it a number of times..
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@vikkiz (519)
19 Oct 09
Oh thank you, i really needed to hear that lol!, Ive written quite alot and didnt want to write anymore till i knew id be credited and it wasnt a scam! thanks youve been a massive help!!
@Nero11 (317)
6 Nov 09
This is how the UK system works. You need to be careful as to what you write about as some subject matter will earn you nothing. A title needs to have at least one £ (for Uk Ciao anyway - may be different for US) next to it to get money. 1 x £ gets £0.005 per positive rating, 2 x £ £0.01 and 3 x £ £0,02. In order to earn you need to get a rating of helpful or above. Somewhat helpful earns you nothing. Therefore you need to write qulaity too. You also need to rate other peoples reviews as many will rate back. This should get the ball rolling and then you can get into the finer points of Ciao earning. Hope this helps and that if you are using a different system to the UK it is not vastly different.