what do you think of this moive-orphan?

October 20, 2009 2:42am CST
do you watching this moive?yesterday nighet,i did.frankly speaking,i am good at writting about film but this moive give me profound expression.i wanna say i really really don't like this moive.my comment is not directed against any acter or actress,only against the subjet matter.after watching it, i believe that i give up my idea about adopting an boy or gril,maybe one day he or she will kill my parents ,wife and me.Bring up so child,to consider all terrorist, not to mention a personal experience.it is so disgusting that i was in insomnia yesterday night after watching it.if you are interested in it ,i strongly recommand,if no,i firmly believe that you don't need to have a try. if you have see it,please tell us about your view.
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