How to moved on?

October 20, 2009 3:59am CST
It's been five (5) months now and I can't seem to forget all about her. Every time I smell the same scent of her perfume and every girl that has the same physical traits as her reminds me of how well and happy we get along together. Those intimate moments we had, movies we watched and funny things we laughed seems to hunt me every night. Her smile lights up my darkest days, the sweet taste of her lips takes my breath away. How I wish those days would never end. Now here I am lying alone and still thinking "Why she's everywhere?".
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@jemaries (322)
• Saudi Arabia
21 Oct 09
Hi mark!The more you reminisce the past, the more your remember it.And dont stay in the shadow of your past.Let go and it will relieve try it.You can find another one, there's a lot of girls out there.You can find better than her.Goodluck!
• Indonesia
20 Oct 09
owh, this is like landon pigg song, can't let go :) all you have to do is let it go, if you need her grab her back that's it like everybody suggest: move on, :)
@maean_19 (4661)
• Philippines
20 Oct 09
Hi there! First, I assume that the girl you are referring for is just around the Metro or everywhere in your vicinity because the discussion honestly is vague. Anyhow, I would try my best to answer your question of how to move on. Second, it is just on time because I had just seen a movie about moving on and letting go and I hope you can relate on it. Well, moving on from a break-up or a lost is not that easy. It requires full acceptance and consciousness that you really want to move on because if you don't it will be a waste of time. Many of us experienced being left for reasons. I on the side once or twice or many times had been heart broken. At present, my fiancee is not around and be away at my sight because he needs to work overseas for a year. I miss him so much that I have to cry every night without him at my side. But life has to go on and awaiting the day that he has to come back. No so much ado about nothing, to move on is more of accepting the fact that life is an everyday experience and a goal that something has to be done. It is an acceptance that it is not the end of your life. If such is what you think then you are ready to continue what you have started. One way of moving on is to detach the memories. You don't need to totally forget the memories, rather find some thing to divert on. List down all what you want to do in a day and accomplish it. Go to places where you do not usually go or activities that you do not used to do. If you have the budget to go to another country or work in a place away from your constant place then do it. If you love to see a movie, then do it or eat the food you want. Wallow or pamper yourself on things alone without the thought of you cannot make it without her. If you are through this stage, then ACCEPTANCE is next. Think that you don't deserve to be hopeless and helpless. Think that to be happy is a choice. It is only in the mind my dear. Do not just stare and stand, take a step. Do not take what I said as literal. Just say, "I can move on, I will"....Just repeat those words. Good Luck!
@irene3184 (900)
• Philippines
20 Oct 09
Every time you cherished those memories of her, you won't ever get over. Try to find time to keep your self busy to something worth it. You can forget her and find someone you really deserve.