How often your boyfriend gives you flowers?

October 20, 2009 4:59am CST
Though I don't really expect to receive flowers on special days, but my boyfriend never miss to give me on my birthdays and of course on valentines day. He personally delivers and hands them to me early in the morning. He's just so sweet. And in order to preserve them and have something to look back, i press them in between books and as soon as they get dried, i paste them on my scrapbook. It may seem to be simple, yet, a little thrill is felt inside everytime he does.
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• United States
10 Nov 09
I love getting flowers but my boyfriend barely gets them for me. When we first got together 3 years ago he would give them to me if we got into a fight or for holidays but I can't remember that last time hes gotten me flowers. He'd rather spend money on something I can use rather than just stare at and smell for a few days.
• Philippines
10 Nov 09
Well, it depends on how our boyfriends show their affection to us. But still, I always find it very sweet of him to give me flowers. :-) what is important, is they never forget to show it.
@daliaj (5681)
• India
20 Oct 09
I am married and my husband loves to get flowers for me. He surprises me with flowers once in a while. On one of our month anniversaries he bought flowers and kept it secret till 12 in the night to present it to me. When I go home from work, sometimes he waits at the busstand with flowers to present to me. If I am mad at him for some reason, on the way back he will get me some flowers as a symbol of patch up. I'm sorry to say that I think buying flowers is a waste of money. You can better get choclates or something else for that money.
• Philippines
21 Oct 09
Wow! your husband is so sweet. Though they sometimes make us mad but it's so flattering that they find ways to patch up things. That's one of the secrets to keep the fire burning, and flowers just simply do the magic.