legalize them!!

October 20, 2009 6:02am CST
I dont understand why is weed banned across the globe hwne it is lesser hramful compared to tobacco and alcohol.. when alcohol which is man made sold everywhere then why ban something that is natural. I think we should all grow them in large numbers and force governments across the globe to legalize them
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• Canada
1 May 10
The only reasons we can figure out why they banned it is because the pharmaceutical companies cannot synthesize it and make a profit on it and the pulp and paper industry is threatened by the HEMP that can also be produced by this plant. For the bulk of the population it does not have any lasting side effects, after usage is stopped, even during usage, actually. And the fact is, nobody can overdose and die from ingesting it. You would have to injest 35 lbs of it to overdose and die and that is not humanly possible to consume approximately a square bale of hay all at once.