Whats your weight loss therpy? help me to loose weight

October 20, 2009 6:47am CST
I drinl lots of water. still i cant. I eat lots and I cant control it. how can I control it? Also help me for a flat belly and also decrease chubbbiness of my cheeks
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
24 Oct 09
it seems lots of water intake is a very good idea. Also, the general rule seems to be: "any calorie intake has to be burned if the weight is to be constant" This seems to be violated in many ways such as: 1. lots of carbohydrate intake (i.e. lots of sugar compounds) 2. eating with "heavy eaters" (i.e. socially induced over-eating) 3. hunger threshold (i.e. getting hungry easily is psychological and physiological) A person that can avoid eating too much or too often will stay slim. A person who can't will either have stomach acid issues or a low tolerance to hunger pains etc. Since chubbiness in the belly and cheeks are a result of fat deposits coming from the sugar compounds in food, it is wise to be selective in what we eat. E.g. high protein (white meat(poultry), soy beans and soy-based), high minerals(dark green leafy foods), mono-saturated fats such as cold-processed oils. If the diet has almost zero sugar, then the body fat will be forced to "dissolve" into the blood stream and become blood sugar. The hunger is accompanied by increase in glucagon in blood that triggers body fat cells to become blood sugar and get burned as we move around (physically). Some people may switch to soup diets which makes us full due to lots of water but does not contain too much sugar compounds. Personally, if I have the luxury to do, I would eat very little of everything else and focus on lots of water, oatmeal, wholewheat bread, lemon grass tea. If it doesn't "work for me", I'd have an occasional cup of coffee with milk an sugar. And most importantly, I'd do my favorite routines to make me forget I'm on a diet :) Cheers
@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
20 Oct 09
hello, well when i had to slim don't there is no choice but to really have a strong self control over food. cause you can drink all the water even more than 8 glasses a day or excersice your heart out but if you still keep on eatting too much nothing you do will be effective. for my case i love eatting. i cook so i also love to eat what i cook. at i know its really difficult but you have to have determination to do this. what i did is to slowly take away my big appetite in eatting. i started with my breakfast i change my rice meal breakfast into a oats breakfast. i practice that in a month. when i got use to it, i strat to take away my dinner meal. in exchange is i eat fruits for dinner. i eat watery foods like melon, honey dew, apple, water melon, and others, if you preffer vegies why not.i had this too for a month from there i then started cutting down my lunch limiting it to a one cup rice and vegtables, until no rice only vegtables and meat diet for lunch, from there this was my diet, and together with excersice i slim down. i lost 12 kg in 6 months. i am happy now with the result of my effort. you need to try this or find another way to control your eatting habits to help you slim down. I wish you all the best.