I wonder if all parents are sentimental like me.

October 20, 2009 9:47am CST
Right after the wedding of my son way back 2008, I can't find the exact words to describe how I felt after I realized that he would no longer be staying with us. I have two sons. The other is working in St Luke's Medical Center so he is away from us and now my other child is leaving home to start his own. I felt so lonely that time. It was then that I realize it is hard to give up your child for marriage. I could remember well when my father told me it is always hard for a parent to give their children for marriage no matter how old they get. Until now I have not recovered yet. I still miss them both. In fairness, they call us frequently. This time I started to worry about getting old and being away from my children. I miss those days when we go to church together, hang out together, and share our plans together. Me and my husband share the same feelings. Though I know he manages well his emotion unlike me who gets sentimental most of the time. I wonder if all parents are sentimental like me 'coz I heard some parents to be okey even if their children are away from them.
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@bluray (408)
• Singapore
22 Oct 09
Hmm I believe,all parents are sentimental like you,its a natural feeling. but since life is another name of compromise.. We have to sacrifice our thoughts and wishes for the well being of our family.
• China
22 Oct 09
I am a daughter.yesterday envenning my father call me at 23:30,I was very surprise ,It is imposeble.It is too late,and I am in school.late I known only the parents miss..for a child ,should ofen make a phone to our parents
@coolcat123 (4390)
• India
20 Oct 09
mothers have a lead role in the setiments section as the love for the child is more in mothers compared to that in fathers. Mothers are more touching and understanding than the latter so parents are sentimental for their kids in every sphere of life.
• United States
20 Oct 09
I have two small children so I have not faced this yet. They are not even in school so I don't have to send them away at all right now. I love my boys and can't wait to watch them grow up. I imagine myself having empty nest a bit and hope that they make productive lives near by me so we can be close. I hope to be close to my granchildren when that happens because I have heard that grandchildren really make up for that feeling of lose when they strike out on their own. I think it is wonderful that you have so much love for your boys!
@cher913 (25844)
• Canada
20 Oct 09
well, to some extent i guess i am. my daughters are growing up. they are 12 and 16, so not quite ready to leave yet, but i mentioned to my 12 year old i didnt want to her to grow up! lol and this past weekend, my daughter had a baby at home (its a doll thats programed to be like a real newborn - it was for a school project) and it was sort of nice having a baby around the house again!