Existence Of God

October 20, 2009 10:26am CST
What does the word " God" mean?.We've been taught in school from KG of God.Does a god really exist.What are the arguments for and against.What does the evidence says to this questions.
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@kashers (649)
• Jamaica
10 Nov 09
u r in existence right,how did u as soul got created did u create u,did man create the universes,did man create soul did man create the sun the moon the planets,no u would say,so a super natural force exist that can create thing then and this force is known as GOD.
• India
20 Oct 09
Hi there! for me "God" means the creator/universal life energy.as far as i know nobody can prove or disprove the existence of god through arguments. the only way out is accepting that we don't know whether god exists or not.from there begins the journey of "the seeker".ultimately god is something to be experienced/realised by oneself, god is not a maths/physics theory to be proved or disproved.