What movie you disagree with critics review?

October 21, 2009 2:29am CST
Hi all, sometimes critics is mostly spot on in giving critics, but in some movies, I think they are really underrated or overrated the movie. I've rant about how boring Michael Clayton in my previous post, I think it's boring yet it received tons of Oscar nominations. I disagree mostly of all blockluster action flicks, like Transformers, GI Joe or Terminator Salvation. I love them all, yet they all are trashed by critics. I think the last good movie I watch which given low grade by critics was Surrogates, starred by Bruce Willis. I think it surprisingly good and fresh idea. I thought it's a no-brainer movie based by the review but it contains much depth than that..So, any similar experience like mine my fellow myLotters?
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• United States
22 Oct 09
The Cohen Brothers movies....pretty much all of them. They are always so highly praised and supposedly so brilliant but I just don't get it. All of the good parts are always in the trailers and then the rest of the movie is boring. I haven't seen one yet that I didn't think was utterly ridiculous.
• Indonesia
22 Oct 09
Yeah, Coen brothers movie is hard to be understood, not all people like those type of movie. I personally like No country, but I don't know why it won so many Oscars, though I agreed on Javier Bardem winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Other Coen movie I watched is Fargo, now this one I really2 like. It just full of dark humor and quirky.
@Bionicman (3962)
• Czech Republic
21 Oct 09
I hated Antichrist but critics mostly loved it. One of the most boring movies ever.