funny dreams

October 21, 2009 3:46pm CST
tell about your funny dreams?
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• India
21 Oct 09
the funniest ever dream i had is like me sitting in beach. And a tsunami is coming and i duck and the tsunami passes thru me and i just escape from it without a single damage and without a single drop on me. It was fun while dreaming about.
• India
21 Oct 09
in one of mine ...... me and my brother were fighting so as to decide who gets to kill bin laden who was already in our custody.
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
22 Oct 09
yah, gov. arnold schwarzenner went you our house and wake me up on my bed and ask him alot of question about bodybuilding espl. the abs, then he show me his abs taking his pants off, gezzz!!! his wearing pink hello kitty panty....aaahh terrible!! i'm still dreaming? hahaha!!! peace you gov. arnold if you are reading's only dream!!! it's only a dream!!!