how to raise a baby sucsessfully?

October 22, 2009 3:44am CST
my daughter is one year and a half, she is delightful and cute. we love her a lot,she also loves us, she has known to express her love by kissing our faces, sharing her snacks and toys with us, now she can count from one to ten, she like listening the song of letter ABC. even though we love her so much, we will not dote on her. she should recieve normal love and have appropriate environment for growing up. as children's parents we have these responsibilities create a good environment for their living. my dear frieds, do you agree with me or may be you have better ideas?
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• Singapore
28 Oct 09
We can provide a conducive learning environment for the growth of children. We give a lot of books to stimulate the interest of reading and learning. I teach my children flash cards to help them recognize words. I bought DVD for sign language to help children to sign. As they know how to express themselves, there will be less temper tantrum. I read up books to provide Montessori home learning for my children. It is fun and enjoyable learning experience. Most importantly, we involved in their learning and bond with children. Sylvia
@maximax8 (31069)
• United Kingdom
27 Oct 09
Your daughter sounds delightful. I like my children to live in a rich learning environment that is full of love and care. I choose activities for them that are age related. I like to give my toddler son puzzles to do, picture books to look at and musical instruments to play. I like to give my baby girl rattles to hold and play with her on a soft mat that has lots of different textures to touch. I love my children and enjoy making them feel happy. Tomorrow they will go to a stay and play session. I will be there with them letting my son and daughter learn and have fun.
• China
22 Oct 09
My daughter is nearly four months. she only say something we can not understand. She likes smile and cry. If we talk with her , she smile or use simple words like a,e. Now she needs maybe only food , water and our love. I agree with you. Additionally, I want to say it needs different way to raise a baby because evrybaby has different needs and personality.