How's your job? Enjoy it or just feed yourself?

October 22, 2009 5:20am CST
How's your job? Enjoy it or just feed yourself? More and more people complained that they got more pressure than before. Obveriously, this era brings us unprecendented stresses. What we can do to endure it or just stand up. I have no idea, how about you? To have a both decent and content job seems very difficult for us. We have to do things which we don't like. because we have no more choice, we have to survive in this society which is fullfill with competetion. I wish i have the opportunity to do things that i really like, but when the day will come? What's your opinion? Did you enjoy your job?
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@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
23 Oct 09
Well maikency, its all about what you put on your mind. If you say you like your job, then you will, if not, what I mean, its what in your mind. Life is tough, hard, but it doesn't mean you cannot make it great. Some people even said, if you do not like the work, then create your own work. Persevere, and you will see the beautiful fruit from it. Currently I am trying my hard to like my job, by changing my attitude to be better and more positive. Good luck to you and happy Mylotting
• China
23 Oct 09
I am trying to find the ultimate goal of my life. for wealth? or for what? I am a IT engineer, and I like gungfu. Perhaps, the ultimate goal is to express yourself with your biggest capability in whatever area you like. At present, I have to earn enough money to afford a house. I have to learn english more and go to a foreign company.
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
22 Oct 09
i used to be like you, but i keep reading books about careers then i stumbled with this book, love your job and job will love you, i easily get bored to something so everytime i'm fed up with my job, i take a off and take some rest, forget everything and unwhine myself...have a nice day!