which is better paid? to write long or?

@magic9 (981)
October 22, 2009 8:11am CST
hi, I wonder which is better paid? to write long posts or a short one but responded by many people? have you any idea about this?
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@nagikka (411)
• Italy
22 Oct 09
MyLot is about quality and not quantity. When I first started posting on this forum I was trying to write as many comments as I could but didn't earn that much. I read about on websites and found out that you need to focus on quality content, the more people are interested in your topic, the more they answer/comment and that way you can increase your earnings. I suggest that you read about how MyLot works, there are quite a few topics about it. Happy mylotting :)
@vincyk (198)
• China
22 Oct 09
I'm terribly sorry that i have no idea about it for i am a fish here too,haha.Maybe i should come here later and learn sth from the answers you will got.Personaly i think mylot need persons who are sincerly want and love to talk and discussing here instead of which are just try to earn money here.It's my own opinion and it means nothing.
@Downwindz (2229)
• Netherlands
22 Oct 09
A combination of the both :P Quality posts containing 2-3 lines or more is the best, they must contain quality written content, rather than (bla bla bla i need to make 2-3 lines) And then obviously the more posts you can reach to make the easier it will be to maximize earnings :D Keep in mind you only earn from your own activity and no the activity by others.