October 22, 2009 9:46am CST
would you belive in religion and cast in now a days also?would you allow for inter-cast marriages for your child?do you have caste feelings still now?
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• India
23 Oct 09
Only Hinduism and hence India has the problem of caste. But that does not purport to mean that that anybody marries anybody. Religion still happens to be main marker of human identity.Now, whether it is good or bad is debatable. But if not caste or religion there will something like the so called social bracket- which is basically decided on the basis of the wealth you possess and how long you have possessed it(your financial pedigree may I say). There is no escaping this. It is subtly practiced if not pronounced. In India among Hindus one more, with all the other "ills" of civilization. This- the practice of caste, and socil status, if you see sociologically is a search for affiliation. There are several contradictory impulses in the human mind. One isto affiliate and other to distinguish. Ever human fears loss of identity while wanting to be part of a group.