is there such thing as 100% objectivity in our assesment of things?

@manong05 (5028)
October 22, 2009 9:11pm CST
Isn't it true that our assessments and ultimately our conclusions are always colored by our own understanding based on our background and experiences in life. Our philosophy of life, world view and understanding of things tend to affect our assessments. Sometimes we are satisfied and happy just by being close enough. Subjective objectivity? What do you think?
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@Sandra1952 (6051)
• Spain
23 Oct 09
Hello, Manong. I think the only thing that can assess situations with 100% objectivity is a robot, as any human who is old enough to think and reason things out must be influenced by their life experiences, however limited. These influences are probably at work under the surface, so even if we think we're being objective, our subconscious may be playing games with our judgement without our knowledge. There's nothing wrong in making assessments based on life experiences, though, unless you alow those experiences to dominate your thinking to the extent where they become obsessions.
@manong05 (5028)
• Philippines
23 Oct 09
wow, I love the way you put it Sandra. Well done. Sadly many people allow those experiences to color their judgements and dominate their thinking. enjoy!
@bird123 (10552)
• United States
24 Oct 09
Everybody wants to rule the world. People will also try to bend the results to the way they want the world to be. 100% objectivity means accepting the truth even when you can not agree with it.