What can you say on the services of a fast food chain?

@orenza (12)
October 23, 2009 2:19am CST
Fast food chains have been so popular these days because of the ready food available hence the time for preparing meals are eliminated. But the problems with regards to fast food chains is that the time of delivery of the food. They claim that they were fast food chains but how many minutes do you need to wait before you get the food? It's been a scenario for most of the fast food chains and I can here a lot of people complaining for the delay in delivery of the food. If you were one of the customers of a fast food chain and you've experienced waiting for more than 10 minutes, what would do? And if given the chance would you still go back to the said fast food chain? And another thing what would you call the establishment in exchange for fast food chain?
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@carpenter5 (6785)
• United States
2 Nov 09
I think in my case it all depends on the time of day, and circumstances. I know this because I worked at a fast food establishment while my kids were little. I needed to work early in the morning, and be off before my kids got out of school. If the restaurant is very busy, the surprisingly the wait time is often less. This is due to the fact that things like french fries and burger patties are being cookied constantly. When the crowds thin out, then we are cooking to order more. It slows the time of delivery down a little, but it should also ensure that you are going to receive hot food!