United States
October 23, 2009 9:30am CST
I currently have fedora 11 installed on my PC mainly because it was the only one that would install with my hardware. What are your favorite versions of linux and why? Are there really big differences between the different versions?
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@lovedude (4451)
• India
24 Oct 09
I am also currently using Fedora 11.. not much difference if you are normal computer users and using linux as server or for few computer programs. it's just few new security patches and more hardware + software compatibilities..
@ample03 (403)
• India
23 Oct 09
I have installed Ubuntu and my experence have been very good with it. So the version 9.04 has become my favorite till date. It detected all my partitions and even the unpartitioned free space to install itself and has not created any conflict at any point of time.I was having some problems with my internet connection to be configured in it but finally I have sorted out and now I am surfing with the Linux version of Firefox. I do not think that there are big differences between the immediate versions but they are too different from the very older ones.
@knug21 (4)
• Indonesia
23 Oct 09
I use fedora 11 too at my home and use ubuntu 9.04 at my office. I think fedora is more heavy than ubuntu, it consume more RAM than ubuntu. Generally, both of them is good choice for main OS.
@zausiu (610)
• China
23 Oct 09
I once used fedora and his ancestor redhat9. Fedora's version code updates so rapidly. It would makes me feel I am always outdated. So i switch from fedora to debian several years ago. Technologically, all desktop disto are able to support your hardware, because all distro use the same kernel sourcecode from Actually differnet distro might use different configuration while compile the kernel, so some hardware's driver programs may not be compiled into binary kernel in some distros. Different distros face different group of people with different flavor and needs. Just choose one suit u.