why nowadays students are smoking...

@rajka970 (176)
October 23, 2009 9:40am CST
why students are motivated for smoking
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@Frederick42 (2018)
• Canada
25 Oct 09
Nowadays, people are ready to do almost anything. Students especially seem to be most rebellious. There was a time when students loved education and college more than anything else. These days, no student seems to be bothered about education or study. Everybody wants to enjoy, have fun. Many are not even bothered about following the decent rules which a human being is supposed to follow.
@nitin_hec (1098)
• India
24 Oct 09
Lots of thing responsible for these. Television, Independence and parents have no control of child. Student thinks that it will make them cool in group of people. I never like them. If someone start smoking in front of me, I move from that place and also start calling him/her in rude language.
@icecubic (1848)
• Indonesia
23 Oct 09
Maybe they fell look so cool when he smokes on crowd and their community.
@menolly22 (217)
• United States
23 Oct 09
Alot of them think it's cool. It's the rebellious thing to do. Then they get hooked. I know, I smoked for 15 years from highschool and on. I finally quit for good after I was pregnant with my 2nd time and contracted tuberculosis. I don't need 2 things trying to destroy my lungs!