Just found out my sister died

United States
October 23, 2009 2:19pm CST
I had an older sister (by 6 years) who I hadn't seen in almost 25 years. I'm not sure why she never came around, as she was raised by her grandmother. We were half-sisters. Anyway, my father just called and said one of his friends said my sister had died. I looked it up on the internet and sure enough, she passed away in April of this year. I never knew. I don't know how she died, although I had heard she had cancer and was very ill. But strangely, I don't know how I feel about this. I feel a hole in my heart for a sister I never knew and now I'll never get to know her. Yet, I feel numb as well. I hope she is resting in peace and is experiencing the wonders of Heaven and looking down and not feeling any regret that we never had a relationship. I guess I don't know what I'm supposed to feel.
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@kezabelle (2980)
23 Oct 09
I would say everything you are feeling is normal you didnt know her and I supposed its like anytime you hear of someone dying who you didnt know it still leaves you feeling sad and add to this that she was your sister and the fact you will never get to know her im not surprised you dont know how to feel right now. Give it time and if it is important to you then maybe try to find out a bit about her life so you can know her in a small way if nothing else. x
• China
24 Oct 09
Am sorry to hear this news,I think now you can do is adjust the mood,cherish people around.