Homemade Hide Boxes

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October 24, 2009 7:10am CST
Hi Leopard Gecko owners, I recently got my gecko and started doing research on what types of hide boxes there are out there. I have one that I had purchased from the pet store the day I got him. I made a moist hide but he doesnt seem the least bit interested in that. I had made a third hide for the cool side but it got to where it was looking bad so I am going to be3 making a new one. I want to make a different looking new cool hide though. I just havent gotten any ideas one how I can do that yet. What are some hides that you guys have made for your leopard geckos?
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25 Oct 09
My New Alien Fish Tank - The fish look better in person
I don't have any geckos, but this is a really cool discussion because I do like geckos. Are they hard to take care of? I have alot of fish now and they bring me great pleasure.. My new tank rocks.. Here is a pic of it, it is small, but I like it because I am also a sci-fi nut.. The fish look better in person, had a hard time getting a good pic of them on my camera
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28 Oct 09
I have a leopard gecko and it is pretty easy to take care of. It is the best gecko to get for a beginner. I have a fish also. A small fighting fish who sits beside me at my computer desk. I use to have a large tank of fish long long ago. The tank I use for my gecko now use to be my fish tank.
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29 Oct 09
That sounds cool I bet being a fighting fish it is neat. I will check into a gecko I like those ones what you can see thru. I use to live in Louisiana and they had them everywhere. That is what they are called, right, or do you know? That is what I was told they was. They looked so cool what ever they are.