DRIFTERS--and how stupid can i be

October 24, 2009 1:22pm CST
ok..i am going to keep this short and sweet--i put an ad in a paper for computer help and some shelves built etc....guy responded --said he could help me but for some reason i put it off-- and also he didnt tell me he had a girlfriend and it was none of my business--anyway--- but we got talking--she came back from being away--they broke up --it was her house well the summer went by and i talked to him once in a while ..sooo then we got talking again and he moved 'up north' got a job ..moved on.....and then he ends up in a city--got a job ..and rented a room for now..--4 hours away--he wants to come over still and fix my stuff ......soooo i get to like him a bit --he calls me ....and the low and behold he says -----little fact i didnt mention.....the room is in a house with a single woman...he has full 'run' of the house and she lives there with a hairdressing business...uh......excuse me .......am i stoopid ....or are all men liars?????i think he is a drifter .....come on i know the answer but he quote 'seems sooo nice'
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@snowy22315 (82353)
• United States
24 Oct 09
Some people are like that. I have one living with me now. He's not a complete mooch, he does give me some money toward the expenses of living here, but he is a very unstable individual in many ways and has kind of drifted around from place to place and relatioship to relationship. They are pretty charming but there seems to be something about their personality...
• Canada
25 Oct 09
thanks for responding----i dont think he is mooching off his new 'landlord' but the pattern is un mistakeable....and i think it would be unwise for me to have him visit me......he swears it is his life style and just happened to 'stumvle on this place.....i am not a gpood judge of character i guess..