Does having french fries makes you fat?

October 24, 2009 9:37pm CST
i o am a thin boy. and i have lots of french fries. does consutyng french fries make you fat? is it healtyi?
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24 Nov 09
yes because its nutrietional value is quite low so better you just boil your potatoes than fries to avoid excist oil that could cause pimples.
• Canada
13 Nov 09
French Fries are extremely bad for you. They are high in fat and they are high in calories. French fries are also loaded with sodium which isn't that good for you.
• India
12 Nov 09
French fries contains a lot of calories,so if we eat french fries it makes us fat.
@daliaj (5680)
• India
26 Oct 09
I think having french fries often can make you fat. Potato contains a lot of carbohydrates and oil helps you to put on weight. So, potato chips and french fries are not good if you have them regularly. I used to avoid potato for a long time when I was on diet. Now, I have potato in different forms, but I make sure not to have too much potato. Have a good day.
@shadow41 (2356)
• Philippines
25 Oct 09
It's cooked in oil. Lots of oil and trans fat must be present in those oils. Be very careful in choosing the fast food chain to eat. Trans fat can cause you to gain fats on your belly and to your veins. It can cause heart problems later on. It's very dangerous. shadow41
@SQD444 (679)
• India
25 Oct 09
i amnot very sure about it ... but is think i could as anykinda fried items can contribute to puttingon weight and potatoes are a great cource of carbohydrates and starch.. so having much of french fries can thus result in people gaining a lot of wight and become fat in that way
@BART78 (2931)
• Canada
25 Oct 09 to you gaining weight, french fries are made with high glycemic potatoes, carbs that is easily converted into fat by the body, as for healthy concern, i don't think so, the primary concern with french fries espl. those you buy in fast food chain, they are fried typically in tras fat...