exhausted on company Olympic games

@sutent (1060)
October 25, 2009 1:08am CST
Hi friends, Last friday, our company hold the 3rd Olympic games. All colleagues were exciting and activly participated the games. Of course, as a sports enthusiast, i took part in four sports, 100-meter sprint, mixed 100-meter sprint relay, 1000-meter long-distance running and soccer game. During the four hours afternoon, i was exhausted to complete those sports, although i was happy to participate those sports. And after the last sports, soccer game, I was depleted and cramp myself. By the way, i am also content with my performance on the Olympic game. I was 3rd in 100-meter sprint and 1000-meter long-distance running and 2nd in mixed 100-meter sprint, and our team won the soccer game and i kick a goal on the game. Share my experience and look forward to your comments on my experience or your experience sharing.
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