can you always be consentrate on your class or your work ?

October 25, 2009 8:13pm CST
are you a students or a office member ? can you keep consentrate when you are at work or in a class ? i must confess i can not make it . i tried to make my focus on my class , but i just can't make it . this makes me feel very disturbed ... so do your guys have any good suggestion ?
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• China
26 Oct 09
Hello, Huangdangwu, I am an office worker. I have no difficulty that consentrate on my work... I can handle things quite good when there are lots of things in, my mind are great concentrated... On the contrary, when there are less things for me to do, I become released and less efficient. When I was in class, I was absent minded quite offen as well... I feel it is hard to avoid, especially when the lesson is boring... Anyway, having enough sleeping and keep your mind freshing might help.
• China
27 Oct 09
hi ,kk . seems you are doing what you really love . i think once someone have interest in something, he or she would be very serious with that , it's wonderfull to doing thing that we love , thanks for your tips ~ happy everyday ~@! and hope you got further progress in you job !
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• China
1 Nov 09
Hi Huangdang, I have to admit that I actually do not have passion on my job like before. After about nine years working, I feel tired of working for others, and doing the similar things everyday.... I hope I can have my own business. Even a very small one, as long as it can help supporting my family. Anyway, it's really difficult to start a business these days...
• United States
12 Nov 09
It is hard for me to focus on my studies too. For me, some soft music helps me study and pay attention. When I go to class, I would take my ipod with me and play some classical musics on low volume. It helps me pay attention to what my professors are saying. Maybe you can try it too. Happy mylotting
• China
13 Nov 09
hi~ my friend , aha ,i gotta say i'm crazy on music , when i was listening to music , i could forget everything , of course , my study ~ hhaha ,but turnip greens each have there love ~! thanks for you tips ! good luck to you !
• Philippines
26 Oct 09 an office member..realy i cnt cocentrate w/ my work,, i trying to mke focus on my work but something bothers me..i keep on thnking by & by on the things that mkes me bothered alwys..thats why n myself i can say we cnt blame whether in our works or class we can concentrate coz there's somethng really bothers in our mind mybe problems n financial,emotional,physical or spiritual aspect in our lives..
• China
26 Oct 09
yeah, definitely, sometimes you'll never know what is distutbing us, it's a better way to let things take it's own course ... so i think we could take a walk or have a cup of coffee when we feel bad . have a nice day~! good to know you~!