Have you ever felt physically ill because of something you saw in a movie?

United States
October 25, 2009 11:32pm CST
I have watched some movies that have made me physically ill. The scene in the movies were so gross and stomache upseting that I ended up puking. I could not control my emotions. I get sick at the site of something very gross and stomache churning. It is something I have to deal with but can't control. If I see something gross you better believe you better move out of the way and let me in the bathroom. I have a very weak stomache.
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@sacmom (14250)
• United States
26 Oct 09
Actually I have. I think my stomach is pretty strong when it comes to gruesome movies. Plus, I can always close my eyes or look away if I have to. LOL However, there is at least one movie in particular that made me feel ill while I was watching it. And here it wasn't even scary...it was a family movie! LOL My husband had rented The Polar Express. I had wanted to see it so I watched it...or at least I tried to. My first mistake was watching it in the dark. It was a very hard movie to watch and watching it in the dark only made it that much harder. I continued to watch it anyway, but I started to feel really ill when the train was moving very fast down along the tracks. I even closed my eyes, but it didn't help any. When the train finally stopped I had to turn it off. I just couldn't watch it any longer. I told my husband what had happened and that I couldn't finish watching it. He thought I was full of it as it didn't have the same effect on him. LOL Heck, he even watched it at the theater in 3D when it had come out. Here I tried to watch it on a regular screen. I couldn't imagine seeing it in 3D! I guess certain movies have that effect on people, at least some of them anyway. Strange, but true. Happy mylotting!
@buping (954)
• China
26 Oct 09
hi again, i think most people has ever in your situation, that be upset even mad about the plot in the movie. i once watched some thriller movie, i am often the first ones to be scared, and i can not watch some plots in the movie. most time i can not get to sleep at night, so i seldom watch thriller movie, i just watch comedy and love movies right now.
@Hatley (164168)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Oct 09
hi tuckersheri yes I left inthe middle of the chainsaw whatever'as it got more and more gross. I got so ill I went home and left the rest of the family on their own as I do not like those gross kinds of movies at all. I really felt about to throw up before I got to my apartment. My hubby and son just made fun of me but I saw nothing funny in it at all.