Do you fell social networking sites at work can increase productivity ?

October 26, 2009 10:26am CST
Can you believe that using social networking sites at work can increase your workplace productivity? A new study just published by Australian scientists found that taking time to visit websites of personal interest, including news sites and YouTube, provided workers a mental break that ultimately increased their ability to concentrate and was correlated with a 9% increase in total productivity. Reporters are shocked by the findings. We're in shock that this is where the state of academic study is concerning social technology use vs. workplace filtering technology when it comes to productivity. A 9% increase in productivity? Have u felt so that it really boosts productivity and keeps you in a good mental state?
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@Rtlsnk316 (1197)
• Mexico
26 Oct 09
Hi there, I think that could be possible but then again it could backfire when people start getting distracted by these same sites and do not concentrate in their work. I know that in some oriental countries like Japan or China, some companies have a physical routine excercise break which will give the same mental break the body needs to relieve a little from stress, plus is a healthy practice.
• India
27 Oct 09
ya u r right , this can also cause distraction but until the employees are dedicated towards their work they would know how to handle it Diff people diff opinions
• United States
26 Oct 09
I don't think its only social networking sites that increase productivity but its because we are taking a break from our task and giving ourselves a small amount of time to relax and readjust and reenergize. So yes social networking sites provide that, but I think other sites just games, etc. can do the same thing for someone. The biggest thing is just making sure you aren't doing it to the point where you aren't going to get your work done etc. Its a fine line that can be crossed which is the reason employers sometimes feel it might just be easier to ban it completely instead of taking the risk.