9 year old raped and Killed.

October 27, 2009 8:44am CST
Once again this happened in my state. A nine year old girl was raped and killed by three young men. This happened on Deepavali day, a very big festival in India. Three youths who did not have money to booze on that day, kidnapped this girl, for the jewellery she was wearing. Later on they raped her and when she was unconcious threw her in a well. I really feel angry and if I have the law in my hands, I would execute them after castrating them .Some of you might think that my thinking is bad and extreme, but I cannot forget that a nine year old has lost her life because of these kind of people. Your responses.
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@dodo19 (42558)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
27 Oct 09
This is really terrible!! It's really awful that this happens! I have two really young nieces and it would break my heart, if this happened to them. It breaks my heart to hear that these sort of things occur. It's really sad. I know that we can't always stop these things from happening, but it's still sad that it does happen.
• India
27 Oct 09
Yes, it is a very sad and tragic affair. My heart goes to the parents of the girl, who lost her on a very joyous and important festival. They will never be able to celebrate the festival for the rest of their lives.
@ybong007 (6656)
• Philippines
20 Nov 09
In my opinion, killing the rapist would not do justice to the victim. It will only make it easier for them to get away from the crime they have committed. Besides nobody can tell for sure if hell is true so we can't be sure that they will suffer after they die. That's why i agree with you that those rapist be castrated but let them live and suffer for the crime they have committed. Cheers!
• American Samoa
27 Oct 09
tsk tsk tsk that's inhuman act... The world is getting dirtier than ever tsk! i can't imagine that. so horrifying..