I Earned $100 from www.google.com in single day, see how ?

November 14, 2006 10:10am CST
Here are free website. www.wetpaint.com www.myownwebsite.com www.blogger.com create your website on any topic. I know how to put google ads on them. Thay actually pay for putting their ads on your website www.google.com/adesense step 1: signup (it's free) step 2: See videos how to put ads on your website. step 3: act according to them as shown in videos. step 4: Advertise your website. step 5: start earning as visitors click the ads. (as you see them on mylot "Ads by google") Step 6: regularly check your earning. Note: Do not click your own ads, if you do it will terminate your account. Enjoy...I signup yesterday. To see how ads look on website, you can visit my website to get idea. www.wayotechnologies.blogspot.com
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